There for you- J.Reyez ft. Lydia Paek

just when I thought love was a lie
then you showed up in my life
you believe in what I do
but I need your trust that we’re gonna pull through

I’ll be I’ll be there for you
I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be there for you
I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be there for you
I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be there for you
the world won’t see it
but between you and me, it’s perfect
love in one word is your name
baby to me, you’re worth it

(verse 1)
it’s getting kinda difficult, adjusting to this lifestyle
no one here to hear me out, so I just write down
since the last one, I promised not to love again
broken hearted, it was even hard to trust a friend
so I just pretend like life is going good
never put a smile on, even though I know I should
you got the world, the people in it getting in between us
why can’t we just agree, like shit it ain’t a damn prenup
that night to remember, I felt like you’re the one
I didn’t wanna tell you, I was never good at speaking up 
I want you to be happy, happy that you’re with me
I got your back, don’t even worry bout supporting me
my visions getting blurry and life’s getting distorted
I’m always in the studio, work and recording
don’t need to prove it, I need you to take care
wondering if you think you’re too good to stay here

(verse 2)
when I look at you I see a different kind of beauty
even though you did pursue me but you didn’t see right through me
I’m not a perfect person but you see me perfectly
and I ain’t gotta worry bout you ever hurting me
build up your confidence, I’ll help you take a stand
I got your back, you and I, that’s my greatest plan
I’m who I am today and I got no regrets
and what we built for us is something that I won’t forget
in this world, if there was more love I would give more
I’m glad you weren’t the type to judge what I live for
every show I go to, gotta deal with the assumption
of what the ppl perceive, try to brush it off like it’s nothing
I look forward to every trip, and I do it for the music
but when I’m gone, my excuse is that I’m coming home to you quick
but let me do my thing with this dream I’m gonna pursue
I would hate to ever hurt you and patience is a virtue


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